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Cosmetic Breast Surgery In Charlotte, NC

Breast Augmentations

Breast augmentation patients come to Dr. Augenstein in Charlotte, NC, for natural-looking results that enhance their figures. Every patient is unique, with specific experiences, needs, and expectations that help shape their views of themselves. Fortunately, for patients who would like to see themselves with enhanced breasts, today’s breast implant options allow them to select both the shape and size they would prefer.

Whether you have lost volume and shape due to pregnancy, aging, or weight loss, or you are merely pursuing the shape and size you believe you were always meant to have, Dr. Adam C. Augenstein can help you achieve your happiest, healthiest, most confident self.

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Are You a Candidate?

Charlotte breast surgery candidate smilingIndividuals may choose breast augmentation for several reasons, some of which include:

  • Enlarging naturally smaller breasts.
  • Balancing unevenly sized breasts.
  • Improving the appearance of cleavage.
  • Restoring the natural size and shape of the breasts after weight loss, aging, or breastfeeding.
  • Improving your confidence and your appearance/fit in clothing.

While breast surgery in Charlotte is not for everyone, those who chose this elective surgery are looking for safe, effective implants combined with an experienced cosmetic surgeon that they feel at ease with and can communicate openly with. Dr. Augenstein is a top Charlotte doctor and had hundreds of satisfied patients that review & recommend him both for the quality of care and the peace of mind he brings to each patient interaction.

The best method for determining whether you are a good candidate for breast implants or an alternative breast enhancement procedure is to discuss your needs and concerns with Dr. Augenstein. Consultations typically last about 45 minutes to an hour and can help you understand your treatment options and feel confident about making the best decision for yourself.

Some factors increase the likelihood of patient satisfaction with a breast augmentation procedure. Specifically, patients should be fully developed and physically healthy to ensure the least amount of downtime following their procedure. Our goal is for you to leave our facility feeling confident and pleased with the results.

How You’ll Benefit

Unlike some body contouring treatments, which can can take several weeks or even months to fully materialize, breast augmentation produces visible changes almost immediately. Our patients love their fuller, curvier figures and can see positive results as soon as they have finished healing.

A Personalized Experience

We will walk you through every step of your procedure prior to surgery, which should last about an hour, depending on your surgical plan. You will be given general anesthetic to ensure your comfort and safety while your procedure is performed. You will be able to return home the same day, although we do monitor our patients immediately following surgery.

Surgical Considerations for Implant Placements

Where your breast implants are placed depends on your anatomy, preferences, and choice of implant type. Dr. Augenstein can place the implant either directly under the breast tissue (on top of the pectoral muscle) or directly under the pectoral muscle.

Implant Type and Incisions

Because there are so many different breast implant options – from the many types of breast implants available – you can get exactly the shape and you want with the help and guidance of Dr. Augenstein.

There are many different styles of breast implants, and determining which option is best for you will be a joint effort. Some of the most common are:

Each of these choices will be explained thoroughly and discussed during your consultation.

The most popular choice due to their durability and natural feel and look.

Are lower cost and the saline is harmlessly absorbed by the body in case of rupture.

This is a firmer implant that is recommended for certain anatomies. Dr. Augenstein would determine if this is the best option for you during a consultation.

Common Questions About Breast Augmentation

Immediately following your breast augmentation, you will probably have some soreness and swelling. This is normal and can be managed with pain medication. Some women express concern that their breasts look larger than expected, but this is usually due to post-surgical swelling, which is very common and temporary. Once the swelling has subsided and the implants have settled into position, our patients are extremely pleased with their results.

In the initial weeks following your procedure, you will wear a post-surgical support bra. In addition to a gentle surgical technique, following aftercare instructions is the best method for ensuring a rapid recovery. You should be able to return to work and resume your normal routine within 1 week, but you will need to avoid exercise and strenuous activity for several weeks following your breast augmentation procedure.

Following your procedure, you will be given precise, detailed instructions regarding medications and follow-up consultations. We encourage you to contact us with any questions or concerns at any point in the process.

Breast augmentation procedures are some of the most commonly performed cosmetic treatments, with hundreds of thousands of women choosing to get breast implants each year in the United States. As with any medical procedure, there are risks, making it vital that you choose an experienced and board-certified plastic surgeon to perform your breast augmentation.

There are certain steps that you can take to help ensure the success of your breast augmentation procedure and speed of your recovery. Specifically, we may ask you to modify your medications leading up to the procedure, including avoiding aspirin and other anti-inflammatory drugs that may increase bleeding. Avoiding smoking in the weeks leading up to and after your breast augmentation is also advised.

Yes. Breast augmentation is safe for patients who would like to breastfeed, and safe for your child. If properly performed, your breast augmentation should not interfere with your ability to produce or deliver breast milk to your baby.

According to, breast augmentation cost in Charlotte, NC, ranges from $6,900 to $8,500. Just as there are many different approaches to breast enhancement, breast augmentation costs vary based on the type of procedure and breast implants you choose. We want our patients to feel confident that they understand every technical, as well as financial, aspect of their care–and Dr. Augenstein will discuss the various procedures and prices while developing your specialized treatment plan.

It is important to note that while different facilities may charge different fees for a breast augmentation operation, it is essential to take your doctor’s experience, expertise, demeanor, and education into account when making this life-changing decision.

Yes. A breast augmentation is frequently performed with or as part of a mommy makeover. This treatment usually includes breast implants and/or a breast lift with liposuction and/or a tummy tuck to reduce saggy skin and tighten lax abdominal muscles. Each of these procedures can also be performed alone.

Schedule an appointment today by calling or request your consultation online. Dr. Augenstein is regarded as one of the best breast augmentation surgeons in Charlotte, NC.


From Our Clients

“Adam C. Augenstein, MD is down to earth, very modest, and personable. He is extremely attentive to details and has the utmost consideration when operating and caring for all his patients so all experience the highest-level care and safety.”

—Jessica C

Breast Augmentation & Rhinoplasty

“Phenomenal facility, staff, and Adam C. Augenstein, MD was amazing! He listened to my concerns and created the game plan for treatment. He made me feel as though my concerns mattered and he wasn’t trying to just sell me on more surgery.”


Abdominoplasty After Massive Weight Loss

“I love my plastic surgeon! Adam C. Augenstein, MD is top notch! I am so happy with my legs, even with the swelling! I went in on February 9, 2016, after a year of back and forth wondering if I should or not, but I finally did it and I am thrilled!”

— Melanie Y

Thigh lift & Liposuction



Our Charlotte cosmetic surgery team is dedicated to providing our patients with safe treatments and amazing results.

Brett A
Nov 1, 2019
Amazing experience.

Dr. Augenstein was awesome! He helped put my mind at ease in deciding to move forward with the rhinoplasty. 3 months out, and I'm so happy I made that decision, and happy Dr. Augenstein was the one performing the surgery.

Barbi Kirton
Oct 30, 2019
 by Barbi Kirton on Aesthetic Surgery of Charlotte
The best!!

The entire staff makes you feel like family. Dr. Augenstein has a way about him that makes you feel completely comfortable. In addition, he listens to your concerns and makes you feel like you’re his only patient. I’m extremely satisfied with everything he has done for me! You can’t go wrong if you choose this practice.

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  • Katie Medlin
    Katie Medlin

    Courtney helped me reverse the effects of some of my last filler. It wasn’t necessarily a “bad” job from before, it just wasn’t the look I was going for. She took my situation and was very honest with me about what I needed! She “re-did” my lips yesterday (after dissolving before placing more filler), and I am blown away at how natural and beautiful they look!! My lips look exactly how I was hoping. She helped me feel comfortable to the point I completely trusted her recommendation for some other areas in my face (can’t wait!). With all the choices (some, not so great) in and around Charlotte, I feel lucky I found her!! She’s worth the wait!

  • Meriel Caldwell
    Meriel Caldwell

    Dr. Augenstein and his staff are amazing! They are great with patients and spends as much time as needed with you to get all questions answered and also just to get to know you. You can tell they truly cares about their patients! I would recommend Aesthetic Surgery of Charlotte to anyone!

  • Dr. Augenstein and his staff were amazing. Everyone is so nice. Everyone listens to your concerns and they care. Dr. Augenstein preformed a breast augmentation on me and did a great job. I’m pleased with how everything has turned out. 10/10 will recommend.

  • Sharon H
    Sharon H

    Courtney is the absolute best injector. Takes her time and knows her facial anatomy. She is not going to do something that is not necessary and will inject with precision and expertise. She gives beautiful and natural results. Not to mention she is the most well spoken and educated injector I have ever met and takes her time to explain the process. She also helped me understand how important cleansing/moisturizer/treatment is for maintaining the integrity of my skin. I have not ever been this happy with my skin before. She is the goat 🐐!!!

  • Tracey Reyes
    Tracey Reyes

    Everyone was very professional and made the whole experience incredible. Dr A took his time explaining everything and was patient with my questions. The surgery went great and even nurses at the surgery center bragged on him.

  • Ann D.
    Ann D.

    Dr. Augenstein is truly the God of Breasts and plastic surgery in general. For years I was told by other plastic surgeons that I needed a breast reduction to get the look I wanted. One consultation with Dr. Augenstein, it was clearly explained that a different approach was needed for my issue. He demonstrated the reasons that I needed more of a lift vs a reduction. Plus, the price quoted for doing a complete mommy makeover, including liposuction with Dr. A was about the same price I was quoted for a simple breast reduction at other area providers. My results are to die for! My breasts didn't look this good during my teens years! They are perky and look like something you would see on a model. No implants used! I'm in my mid 40's and I can honestly say my breasts look better than 90% of the girls in their 20's, while still looking natural! I'm still waiting to see the end result of my tummy tuck and Lipo. It takes around 6 months to see the end result due to swelling. However, my husband and my mother are already impressed. I can see a big difference at 7 days post op! I will be using him for my dermal injections from now on as well. You can tell that he has an artistic vision when he works on you, as plastic surgery should be a mix of art and medicine.

  • 2019-08-15

    Dr. Augenstein is just simply amazing. He was very personable, funny, and of course an amazing aesthetic surgeon. So happy I found him! Jane, his aesthetician is fantastic! I had the best afternoon with her. They are both so caring and they genuinely listen to what you want. I found my spot from here on out! Couldn’t have asked for a better experience!

  • Amanda H.
    Amanda H.

    A life enhancing experience and transformation into being the most comfortable I've ever been in my own skin! I wasn't unhappy with my body pre surgery, I stay fit and eat healthy. My body fat stays very low and with that, came very small breasts. I wanted natural looking results and that's exactly what I received. Dr. Augenstein streamlined his focus on my individual and unique expectations. He helped me achieve my ideal body image. I feel comfortable and confident with the level of knowledge his staff possesses. The facility is brand new with state of the art equipment. I will do business with Dr Augentein in the future. Amanda

  • Kimberly F.
    Kimberly F.

    Dr. A is the best! I have a friend who highly recommended Dr. Augenstein and his practice. I felt completely comfortable discussing my concerns and what options I had to improve my body/self esteem. He took a lot of time explaining what he could do for me and made sure I didn't have any questions. The follow up to establish size, instructions, and answer any other questions was just as good as the consult. He was very informative and there is NO PRESSURE to even proceed with surgery. He wants what is best for his patients and my result is simply amazing. I am so happy with my decision to have the procedure done. He has been there for me even afterwards for any question I have. Please do your research before picking somewhere. Dr. A is the real deal!!!! And I can't forget to give a shout out the Jane and Jamie. The staff is top notch!!!! Thank you so much!!!