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CO2 Laser in Charlotte, NC

Edge – The Intelligent Fractional Laser

Charlotte CO2 Laser at Aesthetic Surgery of Charlotte

At Aesthetic Surgery of Charlotte, we provide CO2 Fractional Laser Treatments in Charlotte, North Carolina, backed by a long-standing history of safety and effectiveness. CO2 laser therapy has been customized since 1964 to address various skin concerns and conditions. To ensure optimal results, it is vital to have your laser treatments conducted by experienced and trained medical professionals, such as our dedicated laser specialists at Aesthetic Surgery of Charlotte in North Carolina.

CO2 Laser Charlotte

Minimally Invasive, Most Versatile,
Anti-Aging Treatment

What is a CO2 Laser Treatment?

Fractional technology has made CO2 lasers the preferred modality for minimally ablative skin care. The Fractional CO2 laser is a non-invasive skin treatment that effectively addresses skin irregularities by utilizing carbon dioxide to eliminate damaged skin from the outer layers of your dermis. This procedure employs targeted beams of light to rejuvenate your skin, leading to a smoother, firmer texture and a radiant, more even skin tone.

At Aesthetic Surgery of Charlotte, we employ the EDGE CO2 laser; this technology represents a step forward in skin rejuvenation and resurfacing treatment. EDGE offers optimal delivery of thermal energy to the epidermis and upper dermis with a pattern of laser light, causing minute perforations in the epidermis while leaving the surrounding skin intact. The result is quicker healing and less patient discomfort as the patient’s own collagen works synergistically with the procedure to rebuild collagen, which effectively tightens loose skin and large pores, resulting in a more youthful appearance.

Restore, Rejuvenate, Rejoice

What are the benefits of CO2 Laser Treatment?

Who can be treated with EDGE?

Most people with blemishes like fine lines and deeper wrinkles, scars, sun damaged skin that wants quick, lasting results with minimal downtime are eligible for the EDGE CO2 Laser treatment. Your physician will advise accordingly after taking your medical history and examination.

EDGE is ideal for treating:

  • Mild to moderate sun damage
  • Fine lines & wrinkles
  • Reduction of acne scars & surgical scars
  • Skin rejuvenation improves texture
  • Skin rejuvenation improves texture

The EDGE CO2 Laser allows for tailored treatments and adjustment of key parameters resulting in physicians being able to perform more accurate and efficacious treatments with lasting results and minimal downtime for Charlotte CO2 Laser treatment patients.

  • Customizable treatments
  • Dramatic improvement in a single 30-minute treatment session
  • Quicker healing and recovery
  • Less patient discomfort
  • Lasting results
CO2 Laser Charlotte

Beautiful, Clear Skin Is Possible

Your CO2 Laser Consultation

Achieve outstanding results with our committed medical aestheticians, master injectors, and nurses at Aesthetic Surgery of Charlotte. Our cosmetic team operates under the guidance of double board-certified surgeon Dr. Adam Augenstein, who boasts decades of expertise in both surgical and non-surgical aesthetic treatments.

What to Expect

Your CO2 Laser Procedure

Your outpatient treatment takes between 30 minutes and two hours, depending on the size of the area being treated. Prior to a treatment with our CO2 Laser Charlotte aesthetic specialists will apply a topical numbing cream to ensure your comfort. Once the area is numb, your laser specialist will move the handheld laser device across the target area, following a pixelated grid-like pattern. After the treatment, a specialized ointment will be applied to your skin, and the area will be wrapped for protection.

Targeted Treatments, Optimal Outcomes

CO2 Laser Results

Aging, sun exposure, and lifestyle are some of the main factors in causing skin aging. The most commonly visible results are fine lines, wrinkles, scarring, and changes in skin texture. The EDGE CO2 Laser treatment effectively addresses these issues by reaching deep into the dermis as well as treating the most superficial layers of the skin. The benefits are often visible after one to three treatments; your physician will advise accordingly.

EDGE's ability to precisely target and optimize energy delivery according to each patient’s individual needs is the most significant benefit resulting in quicker healing time, minimal downtime, and lasting results. You will be able to get rid of wrinkles and fine lines in just a few treatments. The results and benefits are lasting.

Radiant Skin

CO2 Laser Recovery and Aftercare

Following a treatment with our CO2 Laser Charlotte patients may require a cold compress to alleviate swelling; however, these symptoms typically subside within the first 24 hours. You will be provided with post-treatment care instructions to ensure proper care for your face. It is crucial to avoid applying makeup during the healing process. You can apply ointment as needed to prevent scab formation. Make sure to gently cleanse and moisturize your face twice daily. Additionally, it is essential to modify your daily workout routines, including swimming or strenuous exercise, to prevent infection for at least five to seven days while your skin heals.

CO2 Laser Charlotte

CO2 Laser Frequently Asked Questions

EDGE delivers thermal energy to the epidermis and upper dermis with a pattern of laser light, causing minute perforations in the epidermis while leaving the surrounding skin intact. The laser energy removes micro columns of tissue while the deep heating stimulates collagen contraction and remodeling. This results in a smoother, more supple skin and overall more youthful appearance.

The number of treatments needed vary greatly depending on each individual skin condition, age, and lifestyle. In most cases, results can be already visible after one treatment; however, people with more severe conditions may require several treatments. Your physician will advise on the optimal treatment required and the results.

Your physician may apply a topical anesthetic to make you more comfortable before the treatment. During the procedure, typically 30 minutes long, as the laser energy is applied to your skin, you may feel a warm sensation. Immediately after treatment, your skin will feel warm similar to a sunburn. The redness will continue for a few days, and it will be followed by some peeling as the newer skin is appearing. In most cases, your skin will return to its normal appearance in about seven to ten days, and you will be able to wear make-up after four to seven days. Your physician will recommend the most appropriate skin regimen to ensure proper skin recovery, hydration, and protection from sun exposure during the days following the treatment.

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