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Personalized Skin Care Programs

Charlotte Skin Care at Aesthetic Surgery of Charlotte

Whether recovering from cosmetic surgery or simply seeking to improve your skin's health and appearance, our medical-grade skincare products can help you attain a beautiful, glowing complexion. Learn more about our ZO Skin Health and other products to maintain beautiful skin with optimal results at Aesthetic Surgery of Charlotte in North Carolina.

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Skin Care Charlotte

​​Holistic Skin Care

What is medical-grade skin care?

Nowadays, it seems that everywhere you turn, somebody is trying to push the latest skincare fad at you. They say that it will be the answer to all of your problems, but when you ask how a single product could possibly do that, answers seem to be in short supply. It turns out that the answer that you’re looking for isn’t a single answer at all. It’s several answers.

ZO Skin Health

ZO® Skin Health delivers evidence-based solutions for attaining radiant skin, leveraging the knowledge of esteemed dermatologist Dr. Zein Obagi. Our pioneering methods, advanced technologies, and focus on product education distinguish us in skincare. Our products accommodate individuals of all ages, ethnicities, skin conditions, and types, addressing concerns from sun damage and pigmentation to safeguarding against future harm.

Curated Skin Care

What are the benefits of medical-grade skin care?

Today, more than ever, you have the ability to maintain supple, youthful skin throughout your life. We know that to do that, you have to take a holistic approach and support skin health with a comprehensive lifetime skin health program.


Balancing skin tone can be challenging. Aesthetic MedSpa of Charlotte works with our patients to determine what combination of skin care products and lifestyle choices will give you the even tone you always wanted. We are particularly impressed by the results we have gotten with ZO skin care products.


If you deal with the effects of rosacea, you know how important it is to pay close attention to your skin care regimen. By working directly with our board-certified staff, it is possible to develop programs that can reduce your complications.


Because the causes of acne are so individual, approaching the treatment of acne in a holistic manner is crucial. Our staff has successfully treated many patients who have seen clearer, healthier skin as a result of scientifically proven treatment programs.

Skin Care Charlotte

Expert Advice

Your Skin Care Consultation

During your personalized consultation for skincare Charlotte aesthetic specialists will collaborate with you to understand your unique skin concerns and goals, devising a customized treatment plan to suit your needs. You see, to help your skin be the best it can be, you have to approach skincare from a holistic standpoint. You have to design a program in conjunction with proven experts that addresses your skin's needs from all angles. At Aesthetic MedSpa of Charlotte, you can sit down and formulate the perfect plan to not only address issues you have but also proactively give your skin all the support and love it needs to help you look your best.

Stunning Results

Skin Care Results

It typically takes eight to twelve weeks to witness the full impact of a home skincare routine. Adjustments to your regimen might be necessary as your skin progresses or time elapses. Should you have any inquiries concerning your ZO skincare products, do not hesitate to consult one of our aesthetic specialists.

Personalized Skin Care Frequently Asked Questions

The cost will vary depending on the unique needs of our patient’s skin care needs. While medical-grade skin care may cost more than over-the-counter products, keep in mind that lesser-quality products will not have the same result and may end up costing you more for having to buy more products and not even come close to the same results as medical-grade skin care.

Many skincare products, excluding active components such as hydroquinone and retinol-based Vitamin A, are generally suitable for pregnant and breastfeeding women. It is always advisable to consult your OB if you have any concerns about the appropriateness of a specific skincare product for you and your baby. Aesthetic Surgery of Charlotte provides an array of mom-friendly skincare treatments designed to help you maintain radiant, healthy skin during this exciting phase of your life.

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