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What is Possible with a Mommy Makeover?

What is Possible with a Mommy Makeover?  Charlotte

Although children are a blessing, they bring about many unpleasant alterations in a woman’s body, especially in the abdomen and breast areas. Most women end up adding a lot of weight and their breasts also enlarge, growing as much as a complete cup size or even more. Fortunately, mommy makeover has made it possible for mother to reclaim their picture-perfect, youthful bodies. Mommy makeover is the culmination of various plastic surgeries capable of restoring a woman’s body to what it was before pregnancy. These procedures target different parts of the body including breasts, tummy, legs, arms, hips among others.

While there isn’t a particular mishmash of procedures that works for all women, there are several key surgeries that form the overall mommy makeover. They include breast lift, liposuction (usually of the abdomen and lower body), and tummy tuck. Actually, these are the most popular plastic surgeries among mothers and women in general. In some instances, breast implants are included if necessary and mothers who have undergone Caesarean section might decide to have scar revision as part of their mommy makeover. Although mommy makeover is not a one-day affair, multiple procedures are usually combined to reduce hospital visits and speed up recovery.

Breast augmentation in mommy makeover is aimed at lifting the sagging breast and reducing their size. In some cases, the doctor may add volume to the flabby breasts to restore fullness and improve their shape. Today, this procedure has really improved, with most surgeons using the popular Keller Funnel method to minimize the risk of contamination and capsular contracture. The tummy tuck on the other hand helps to improve a woman’s figure by getting rid of the excess skin and fat around the abdomen and tightening the abdominal muscles for a firmer and smoother stomach. Generally, this procedure leaves some scars on the abdomen, but they can easily be hidden.

To remove excess fat from other parts of the body like thighs, arms and hips, the surgeon uses a procedure called liposuction. This procedure involves the use of cannulas that suck fat from the body. After liposuction, your skin will mold itself to match the new contours. For this procedure to be successful, you need to have great skin suppleness and tone. If your skin is too thin in the areas being operated on, it will appear loose. Before you go for mommy makeover, discuss with a qualified and experienced surgeon what happens during after the surgery.

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