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Post-Massive Weight Loss Surgeries

Following massive weight loss, many women and men are dismayed to discover that the excess skin does not disappear with the fat, resulting in sagging skin that can undermine all the hard work required to lose the weight in the first place. With body contouring Charlotte patients have an opportunity to eliminate that excess skin, flaunting that new shape without any embarrassment or discomfort. Post massive weight loss surgery can help achieve more natural proportions in the body, breasts, arms, stomach, abdomen, thighs, and buttocks.

Body Contouring Charlotte

Are You a Candidate?

The ideal body contouring patient has undergone dramatic weight loss resulting from either surgery or diet and exercise. As a consequence of this weight loss, the patient has sagging skin on some variation of the body, breast, arms, stomach, abdomen, thigh, and buttocks. Ideally, patients will have achieved a stable weight and, if the weight loss is related to surgery, at least 18 months have passed since the weight loss surgery. This allows the patient to establish a healthy routine that aids in recovery of the excess skin removal following the procedure and maintain the results achieved with surgery. Body contouring patients should be non-smokers in good overall mental and physical health with appropriate expectations for the desired procedure(s).

What Can I Expect During A Body Contouring Procedure?

The first phase of any post massive weight loss surgery is the consultation, during which patients can discuss their needs and concerns. Some areas of the body can be addressed during the same procedure, while others will require multiple procedures to address the various areas of the body. The length of the procedure will vary depending on whether the doctor is performing a panniculectomy addressing the skin hanging over the lower abdomen; a lower body lift addressing the waist, hips, thighs, or buttocks; a tummy tuck; or a different procedure or combination of procedures.

Some liposuction may also be involved to further contour and shape body areas. Typically, body contouring procedures can last anywhere from one to six hours. If multiple procedures are necessary, the doctor will carefully plan and schedule the order of treatments. Depending on the type of body contouring treatment, patients either receive local anesthetic combined with sedation or a general anesthetic. The Dr. Augenstein will provide all details relating to the procedure and answer all questions after the consultation so that patients know exactly what to expect.

Body Contouring Charlotte

Post Massive Weight Loss Surgery Recovery

The length of recovery following a body contouring procedure varies somewhat significantly depending upon the type and number of areas being treated. Most patients can return home the day of their surgery, although patients experiencing a greater number of procedures may be required to spend the night in an aftercare facility. Charlotte body contouring patients who return home immediately must have a friend or family member present to drive them home and help care for them.

Additional Reading

Depending on the nature of the body contouring procedure, some patients may have bandages, compression garments, or drains. Our office provides full aftercare instructions, and we encourage patients to contact us with any questions or concerns. Swelling and numbness are normal in the immediate weeks following a body contouring procedure, and most patients can return to work one to three weeks after their procedure. Strenuous activities including intense exercise should usually be avoided for up to six weeks, depending on the procedure(s). The incisions are typically well concealed and fade over several months. Many times significant results are seen immediately after surgery for most body contouring procedures, and there is continued improvement as swelling resolves and the areas heal fully.

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