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Age 48 Female blepharoplasty Case 1036 Before/After

48 year old woman from Rock Hill, SC shown 1 year after a lower blepharoplasty (eyelid lift). For her a small incision was made inside the eyelid and a conservative amount of fat was removed that was bulging to allow for a smoother transition from her lower eyelid to her cheek. No skin was removed.

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Female Rhinoplasty Case 1980 Before/After

1 year after rhinoplasty for this Gastonia, NC woman as well as a septoplasty for functional breathing issues from a cosmetic standpoint she wanted her small dorsal hump removed and overall a smaller nose. The septoplasty corrected her deviation that was causing difficulty breathing through one side of her nose.

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Age 60 Female Injectable Case 1518 Before/After

60 year old South Charlotte, NC woman shown here 2 months after hyaluronic acid based injections in her face. She has lost volume in fat pads in her cheek and temples as well as some loss of lip volume. We added 3 cc of Juvederm Voluma in her cheeks and temples as well as 1 cc each of Juvederm Vollure into her tear trough area under her eyes as well as in her upper and lower lip.

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Age 53 Female Face Replace Case 5 Before/After

This 53-year-old woman from Charlotte, NC requested facial and neck rejuvenation. Dual-board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Adam Augenstein performed a Facelift and Necklift surgery as well as facial fat grafting—transferring her own fat to her face to restore volume lost with aging and weight loss as well as improve her facial proportions as part of her facial rejuvenation.

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Age 59 Female Facelift, Neck Lift, and Facial Fat Grafting Case 1016 Before/After

This lovely patient is a 59 year old South Charlotte executive shown here 12 months after her facelift, neck lift, facial fat grafting and upper eyelid lift. In addition to contouring her jawline and neck, the modest addition of her own fat to specific areas of her face helped to soften her features and add youthful yet age appropriate volume. She demonstrates the main goal of facial rejuvenation surgery dramatic yet natural results.

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