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Breast Reduction

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Planning for Breast Reduction Surgery

For a woman with extra-large breasts, having them reduced feels like having a heavy load taken off her chest, literally. It relieves her from many years of shame, shoulder and back pain, difficulty working out, less clothing options, rashes on her chest, and other problems caused by huge breasts. If you are going through the

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Recovery from Breast Reduction Surgery

When you are going for breast reduction surgery, one of the considerations you have to make is how successful the recovery process will be. Apart from investing a large amount of money in this procedure, you also have to invest a great deal of your time to ensure that the recovery process goes smoothly and

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Breast Reduction Surgery and Breastfeeding

As you contemplate going for breast reduction surgery, it is important to understand how it works and its effects. Breast reduction is an invasive procedure through which a plastic surgeon removes extra skin, fat, and tissue from your breasts. The whole procedure takes about four hours, depending on the breast reduction technique used. Studies have

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What to Expect After Breast Reduction Surgery

While having big breasts is seen as a sign of beauty, sometimes they can be too big to handle. That’s where breast reduction surgery comes in handy. You no longer have to live with the shame of having extra-large breasts. With the right plastic surgeon, you can have them resized and lifted to give you

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