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Virtual Surgery Modeling – TouchMD

The TouchMD Experience

A good understanding of a chosen cosmetic procedure typically leads to improved outcomes and increased satisfaction with the results. Dr. Adam Augenstein has always worked to ensure his patients have their questions answered as thoroughly as possible. He’s made TouchMD available at his cosmetic surgery practice in Charlotte, NC, expanding his ability to present and explain medical procedures to his patients. Learn more about this tool and how Dr. Augenstein integrates it into his practice.

How does TouchMD work?

Patients who experience the system at Dr. Augenstein’s practice will then be given login credentials, which will allow them to access the service at their convenience. Once signed in, they will be able to view general information, as well as specific documents and files related to their personal aesthetic journey. This can include:
  • Drawings, photos, and videos
  • Care instructions
  • Pre- and post-visit tips and guidelines
Patients can even sign documents and send images to other people.

How do I use TouchMD?

Dr. Augenstein’s team will give you all of the information you need to access it on your own device. You supply the laptop, tablet, or smartphone, and we’ll supply the keys to your personalized, at-home consultation, as well as help with how to log in and navigate the system.

What sets TouchMD apart?

Much like Dr. Augenstein, the system is committed to keeping pace with industry advances. The resource updates regularly to ensure information is as current as possible. The portal is easy to navigate and puts a range of resources—from general facts to personalized images to practice contact numbers—all in one place. In essence, TouchMD creates a bridge between Dr. Augenstein’s office and a patient’s home.

Why did Dr. Augenstein bring TouchMD to his practice?

Anything that improves Dr. Augenstein’s already high standard of care for his patients is worth considering. TouchMD fits this goal well, as it opens up doors to education and allows for the flow of information at a patient’s personal comfort level.

Does TouchMD cost extra?

The service is included in the cost of treatments and procedures for all of Dr. Augenstein’s patients.

What if I still have questions about my procedure?

For as helpful as TouchMD is for patients and his practice, Dr. Augenstein still emphasizes the personal touch. All patients are encouraged to seek answers directly from the double board-certified plastic surgeon and his team as needed.


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