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Age 42 Female Mommy Makeover, Mini Abdominoplasty Liposuction Case 2047 Before/After


42 year old Charlotte, NC mother of 2. 12 months after mini tummy tuck with repair of her muscle separation and belly button as well as a breast lift with implants (Allergan SRM 275 cc).
She was bothered by the look of her belly button after 2 pregnancies which we were able to correct for her. Her incisions have healed well and her abdominoplasty incision is also placed very low for concealment. She is very active and wanted an implant that fit her athletic figure and didn’t hamper her ability to run marathons and exercise.

Age 37 Female Abdominoplasty Case 2408 Before/After


This 37 year old mother from Weddington, NC had loose skin and stretched out abdominal muscles (diastasis recti) after multiple pregnancies and a significant weight loss. Her pictures are 6 months after surgery. Her scar is low and hidden and her belly button appears natural. This is further enhanced by her belly that has subtle curves and shadows and NOT flat like a tabletop.