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Breast Surgery in Charlotte, NC

Cosmetic Breast Surgery In Charlotte, NC

Breast Lifts & Augmentations

Thanks to significant medical and technological advances in recent years, aesthetic surgical procedures have become safer, quicker, and more effective. Women and men have more information and choices than ever before when considering plastic and reconstructive surgery in Charlotte, NC.

Whether patients are seeking breast, body, face, or reconstructive surgical breast procedures, our doctor and staff work to develop a treatment plan that meets each patient’s needs, goals, and budget. Speak With Charlotte Plastic Surgeon Dr. Augenstein Today To Discuss Your Questions Regarding Breast Plastic Surgery.

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Our surgeon, Adam C. Augenstein, MD, is board certified in both plastic surgery and head and neck surgery. He strives to ensure that patients are fully informed, comfortable, and confident going into any procedure, and that the results are consistent with the patient’s expectations and desires. Breast augmentation has been gaining steady popularity over the years, especially as the procedure has become safer, and with less operating involved. In the last few years, new systems like the Keller Funnel and technological advances in the silicone materials themselves has made breast augmentation the #1 minimally-invasive cosmetic surgical procedure in America, according to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons*.

*SourceNew Statistics Reveal The Shape of Plastic Surgery

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What Breast Augmentation Surgery
Can Do For You

  • Increase the fullness, angle and projection of one or both of your breasts.
  • Improve balance of breasts, corrects breast to body proportions, and reshapes mismatched breasts.
  • Helps enhance a patient’s self-image and self-confidence.

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