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Holistic Skin Care

Personalized Skin Care Programs

Nowadays, it seems that everywhere you turn, somebody is trying to push the latest skin care fad at you. They say that it will be the answer to all of your problems but when you ask how a single product could possibly do that, answers seem to be in short supply. It turns out the the answer that you’re looking for isn’t a single answer at all. It’s several answers. You see, to help your skin be the best it can be, you have to approach skin care from a holistic standpoint. You have to design a program in conjunction with proven experts that addresses your skins needs from all angles. At Aesthetic MedSpa of Charlotte, you can sit down and formulate the perfect plan to not only address issues you have but also proactively give your skin all the support and love it needs to help you look your best.


Today, more than ever, you have the ability to maintain supple, youthful skin throughout your life. We know that to do that, you have to take a holistic approach and support skin health with a comprehensive lifetime skin health program.


Balancing skin tone can be challenging. Aesthetic MedSpa of Charlotte works with our patients to determine what combination of skin care products and lifestyle choices will give you the even tone you always wanted. We are particularly impressed by the results we have gotten with ZO skin care products.


If you deal with the effects of rosacea, you know how important it is to pay close attention to your skin care regimen. By working directly with our board-certified staff, it is possible to develop programs that can reduce your complications.


Because the causes of acne are so individual, approaching the treatment of acne in a holistic manner is crucial. Our staff has successfully treated many patients who have seen clearer, healthier skin as a result of scientifically proven treatment programs.

Brett A
Nov 1, 2019
Amazing experience.

Dr. Augenstein was awesome! He helped put my mind at ease in deciding to move forward with the rhinoplasty. 3 months out, and I'm so happy I made that decision, and happy Dr. Augenstein was the one performing the surgery.

Barbi Kirton
Oct 30, 2019
 by Barbi Kirton on Aesthetic Surgery of Charlotte
The best!!

The entire staff makes you feel like family. Dr. Augenstein has a way about him that makes you feel completely comfortable. In addition, he listens to your concerns and makes you feel like you’re his only patient. I’m extremely satisfied with everything he has done for me! You can’t go wrong if you choose this practice.

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