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Why Summer Could Be The Perfect Time For Plastic Surgery


Considering plastic surgery? Now may be the best time

If you are currently working from home or have a job that traditionally allows you time off during the summer and have been considering a plastic surgery procedure, this summer may be your perfect opportunity. Whether you are self-conscious about small or asymmetric breasts, you are interested in slimming your body and have had difficulty getting the excess weight off, or are considering another procedure, the ability to be at home will offer the time and privacy you need to recuperate.

Recovery Time
Any surgery will require a bit of rest and recovery. For anyone with the summer off or the ability to work from home, the summer often offers a more flexible, relaxed schedule and will provide you with enough time to take it easy. While with breast augmentation the typical “downtime” is about a week, other procedures may require a bit more rest and recovery time. Typically, the longer you allow yourself to really take time to recover, the better you will feel.

Many patients want to keep their cosmetic surgery private. Choosing to undergo a procedure during the summer months will give you time that you can be away from coworkers, family and friends. Depending on how dramatic you want your results to be, you may find that some people may not even realize that you had plastic surgery done, especially since our goal is to always provide the most natural look possible.

Things to Consider
After surgery, it is important that you are careful in the sun to protect your skin and any scars from being over-exposed. It is also important to note that it takes time for the final result of your procedure to be fully evident. During your in-person consultation, you can take time to discuss any questions you may have with your surgeon.

Women, Men, and Plastic Surgeons have many choices when it comes to plastic surgery. The skill, experience, and willingness of your Plastic Surgeon to educate you about your choices is important. Our role is to provide patients with accurate and credible information and to help you choose the option that is most pleasing to you.

If you are interested in learning more about your options regarding any type of plastic surgery, it’s best to receive careful consultation of all options to help determine the appropriate course of treatment. Contact us today to meet with one of our skilled and experienced board-certified plastic surgeons to discuss which procedure may be best for you, or give us a call at (704) 837-1150.

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