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When Is Plastic Surgery Considered Medically Necessary?

When Is Plastic Surgery Medically Necessary?  Charlotte

Millions of people worldwide are using cosmetic surgery to rectify defects in their physical features to improve their quality of life and look perfect. Studies show a steady rise in the number of cosmetic procedures worldwide. In 2020, approximately millions of Americans will undergo plastic surgery for cosmetic purposes. This article addresses this and related concerns.

What’s Plastic Surgery?

Also referred to as cosmetic surgery or reconstructive, plastic surgery is a surgical procedure involving the reconstruction, alteration, or restoration of a person’s physical features. The term “plastic” refers to reshaping or modeling malleable flesh. Although plastic surgery became widely accepted, it’s reported to have existed in c.1660 BCE. Ancient Egyptian physicians repaired a broken nose.

When is Plastic Surgery Medically Necessary?

First, understand that plastic surgery involves both cosmetic and reconstructive procedures. Reconstructive procedures are normally done for medical purposes.

Reconstruction of Your Skin and Muscles After Burns
If you sustain localized severe burns, your doctor may advise you to undergo reconstructive surgery to dress the affected areas. This reconstructive plastic surgery involves skin grafting and reconstruction of damaged muscles and other surrounding tissues.

Repair of Your Abdominal and Pelvic Areas
You may undergo a reconstructive plastic procedure to repair damaged abdominal muscles and skin. This type of surgery is commonly referred to as lipectomy or radical abdominoplasty, and it involves the excision of your abdominal skin and subcutaneous tissue to repair the musculoaponeurotic layer.

Sagging Eyelids
As you grow old, your skin loses elasticity, becoming loose-fitting. The first area of your body to suffer from loose-fitting skin is your eyelid. The skin around your lids will stretch as you age and accumulate excess fat and muscle, making your eyelids droopy. Hanging eyelids will make you look older than your actual age and obstruct your peripheral vision (side vision). The only way to rectify this is to undergo reconstructive surgery.

This type of surgery is commonly referred to as blepharoplasty. It involves the removal of excess skin, fat, and muscle around your eyelids and lifting your lids to restore your natural peripheral vision.

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