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What is Masseter Slimming?

What is Masseter Slimming  Charlotte

Also known as jawline reduction, masseter slimming is a cosmetic procedure that involves the injection of a dermal filler like Botox into the large masseter muscles to form a slimmer and more womanly jawline. Masseter muscles usually are connected to the angle of your jaw and are responsible for controlling the movement of your jaw, especially when chewing food. For some people, having large, strong masseters is part of their natural anatomy.

But some suffer from a condition referred to as bruxism, which is caused by excessive grinding and clenching of teeth. This habit causes your jaw muscles to enlarge and become more noticeable, giving your lower face a square-jawed appearance. But with masseter slimming, this appearance can easily be altered to provide you with a slimmer jawline. Continue reading to learn more about masseter slimming.

How Is Masseter Slimming Done?

When you go for masseter slimming, your plastic surgeon will ask you to chew so that they can feel the outline of your masseter muscles. They will then apply ice on the masseter muscles on each side of your face, inject each muscle with an FDA-approved botulinum toxin, and spread it at multiple points inside the muscle to create the desired results. The amount of botulinum toxin injected into your masseter muscles is much larger than the one used to treat wrinkles.

Moreover, you will need to repeat the treatment after eight weeks to ensure that the results are perfect. You will also need a follow-up treatment after six months. As your masseter muscles continue to degenerate, you will reduce the amount of muscle relaxant you receive, and the periods between treatments will increase. However, the results from masseter slimming are not instant; you might have to wait a few months before getting the kind of jawline you want.

Is Masseter Slimming Painful?

Masseter slimming is probably one of the least painful cosmetic procedures. Besides, your doctor can use several pain relief methods to make the procedure as painless as possible. For instance, they can apply ice, topical numbing cream, or give you the happy gas to help you relax.

But just like any other cosmetic procedure, masseter slimming presents a few side effects. For instance, you are likely to experience bruising and mild pain at the injection sites. You might also end up having asymmetrical masseters or difficulty smiling. But these problems are very rare and can easily be avoided by choosing a skilled and experienced specialist to administer the muscle relaxer.

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