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What Are the Limitations of Injectables like Botox?

What Are the Limitations of Injectables like Botox?  Charlotte

Injectables such as Botox are increasingly becoming more popular than surgical facelift procedures, especially because they are less invasive, cost-effective, have fewer side effects, and do not require extended downtime. Some injectables are also reversible. But like any other cosmetic procedure, injectables have their fair share of disadvantages. Continue reading to learn more about the limitations of injectables like Botox.

Disadvantages of Injectable Facelift Fillers

Temporary Results

The main disadvantage of Botox and other injectables is that their effect lasts for only a few months. Therefore, you have to keep going back to the clinic for more injections, which can be time-consuming and expensive for some patients. If you don’t go for subsequent injections, your skin will sag and start showing wrinkles.

Pain and Bruising

Although facial injections are not supposed to be painful, some patients might experience pain and even develop occasional bruising at the injection sites. The bruises can last up to two days or longer, forcing you to seek further medical attention. But the pain should only be felt during the administration of the fillers. So, see your doctor immediately if the pain persists.

Development of Tolerance to Fillers

As mentioned earlier, Botox reduces muscle activity by blocking nerve receptors. But the more you continue to use it, the more tolerant your nerve receptors become, making the facial filler less effective. This means that you have to keep increasing the dosage of the toxin to get the same outcome.

Possible Side Effects

Although most facial injectables are quite safe, some have occasional side effects that generally go away after a day or two. However, some patients develop side effects that last for weeks. Some of the common side effects of facial injectables include droopy eyelids, neck pain, nausea, headaches, bruises, and many more. Some patients have also reported getting allergic reactions after the injection, especially those on antibiotics. You should therefore let your doctor know if you are taking any antibiotics before you get the injections.

Frozen Face

Since most facial fillers work by blocking muscle activity in the targeted areas, your face is likely to feel like it’s frozen. Therefore, overuse of these fillers can prevent you from making important facial expressions like smiling and frowning. Furthermore, they can freeze your face into a continuously frowning or surprised expression.

To avoid some of these side effects, you should only use the FDA-approved facial fillers and find a qualified and experienced medical professional to administer them.

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