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Top 5 Things to Know If Considering a Facelift

5 Things to Know If Considering a Facelift  Charlotte

Is your skin starting to sag or develop wrinkles and fine lines due to age or poor lifestyle? If so, there are several effective ways to eliminate these aging signs. One of the best solutions is a facelift. This is a surgical procedure that helps you to tighten the loose skin to restore your youthful appearance. If you are considering getting a facelift, there are five important considerations you have to make.

Reasons Why You Need a Facelift

Although a facelift is a cosmetic procedure, you should only have it for the right reasons. You need to understand that this procedure will not make you different, but rather it is meant to help you rejuvenate and renew your facial appearance. Therefore, the only way you will be satisfied with the results of your facelift is to have good reasons for undergoing the procedure and realistic expectations.

You should undergo a facelift to address signs of aging, tighten the sagging skin, lift the corners of your mouth, and remove deep crinkles. This procedure works by reshaping the lower half of your face and lifting the skin to make it tighter and smoother.

Are You a Good Candidate?

Since this is an invasive procedure, it is unsuitable for people with serious medical conditions such as high blood pressure, diabetes, and heart disease. That’s why your surgeon will ask you to undergo a thorough medical examination before agreeing to operate on you. You should also avoid tobacco products, aspirin, and blood thinners at least one week before the surgery. The current condition of your skin will also determine your eligibility for this procedure.

What to Expect from the Surgery

The ongoing advances in plastic surgery have made it possible for surgeons to perform facelifts with minimally invasive incisions. These techniques include the combination of S-lift with the superficial muscular aponeurotic sheath lift. With this technique, you can expect to have a natural-looking youthful appearance in less than four hours. Your facelift procedure can also be combined with laser rejuvenation to enhance your skin’s generation of collagen and elastin.

Aftercare and Recovery

Since a facelift is an invasive procedure, it will require some downtime to allow the wounds to heal and your body to recover fully. Although you may be able to resume some of your daily activities after a few weeks, full recovery takes about three months.

Potential Side Effects

Like any other surgical procedure, a facelift comes with several risks, including bleeding, bruising, hair loss along the incision, scarring, numbness, fever, skin necrosis, and hematoma. If you have further questions about a facelift, talk to Aesthetic Surgery right away.

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