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Tips To Optimizing Your Facelift Recovery

Charlotte Tips To Optimizing Your Facelift Recovery

Facelift procedures are now considered a perfectly normal way for people to restore their youthful appearance. However, most patients are rightfully concerned about the prolonged recovery process. Since most facelift procedures are quite invasive, they tend to take a bit of time before they heal completely. However, this shouldn’t be a real problem if you already know what to do to optimize your recovery. Please be aware that your facelift’s success or failure depends, in large part, on your mindset. If you have the right state of mind, the whole process will be easy and fun. Here are several tips for optimizing your facelift recovery.

Follow Instructions

You would think that this is an obvious statement, but apparently not. Your plastic surgeon will give you clear instructions to follow before and after the facelift surgery. You must follow these instructions to the letter. They include foods to eat, medicines to take, and habits to drop. For instance, you must avoid smoking, drinking alcohol, and engaging in vigorous activities during recovery. Also, you will learn how to take care of the surgical area. That includes how to remove the bandages, wash the wounds, etc. Study shows that patients who stick to these instructions diligently tend to have a smooth, stress-free recovery.

Prepare Your Recovery Space

It is advisable to have a quiet space for your recovery. Arrange your area before you go for the facelift surgery. Set up everything you will need during the recovery process. It should be quiet and away from kids and pets. Make sure you have enough pillows, blankets, mattresses, and entertainment. Round up some favorite magazines and books, and your TV to keep you entertained. Food and drinks should also be near so you can limit your movement during recovery. Don’t forget to take care of chores like laundry before surgery so that you will have enough time to rest.

Hire a Qualified Caregiver

If you live alone, you will need a caregiver to assist you with the heavy lifting. He or she will also double up as a babysitter if you have kids. This caregiver will keep a close eye on you and monitor your progress. They will need to ensure essential errands such as shopping, cooking, and cleaning get done.

Pick Up Medicines Before Surgery

To fully recover from the surgery, you will need appropriate medication. You should pick up these drugs before the surgery to minimize movement during recovery. Ask your doctor to write a prescription and the dosage so that you can have all the medicines ready before the surgery.

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