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Planning for Breast Reduction Surgery

Planning for Breast Reduction Surgery  Charlotte

For a woman with extra-large breasts, having them reduced feels like having a heavy load taken off her chest, literally. It relieves her from many years of shame, shoulder and back pain, difficulty working out, less clothing options, rashes on her chest, and other problems caused by huge breasts. If you are going through the same problems, perhaps this procedure is your best solution.

However, like any invasive medical procedure, breast reduction surgery has its fair share of risks. Therefore, the choice to have this procedure should be a personal decision. Take your time to consider the potential benefits and risks. Also, understand the role you are expected to play to make the procedure successful. This article shows you how to plan for breast reduction surgery.

Finding a Good Surgeon

TThe first significant homework for you is to find the best plastic surgeon for your breast reduction surgery. Make sure that the surgeon you choose has all the necessary qualifications, competencies, and experience. A right plastic surgeon should have a valid practicing license. He or she should also be certified by all the relevant authorities. Besides performing the surgery, your surgeon should be an all-rounded professional with good standing and the ability to guide you through the healing process.

Put Your Funds in Order

Although there are medical reasons why you may require breast reduction, most insurance providers do not cover this type of surgery because they view it as a cosmetic process. So, you might have to pay for the whole procedure from your pocket. Even when the insurance company offers to pay for the surgery, there are certain necessities you will have to buy. Therefore, make sure you have the funds to finance the procedure. You can even negotiate a payment plan with your doctor.

Preparing for the Surgery

Before the surgery, you will be required to make some necessary arrangements like stocking up food and other essential supplies to see you through the recovery period. You also need to hire a helper, if you live alone, to help you with crucial chores while you rest.

If you are working, you will have to request time off and delegate your work to have enough recovery time without interruption. You will also need a driver to drive you home after the surgery due to the effects of anesthesia. You have to make several lifestyle changes before and after surgery, like avoiding smoking, heavy exercises, among others.

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