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Long-term Care after Cosmetic SurgeryPampering Your SkinUse Sun ProtectionHeal Your Wounds

Long-term Care after Plastic Surgery  Charlotte

Cosmetic surgery is a huge investment that requires special care. After the surgery, your doctor will recommend several treatment options that will guarantee the success and permanency of the surgery. For you to continue enjoying the results of the surgery, you have to take good care of the areas that have been operated on.

The long-term care guidelines you follow after cosmetic surgery depend on the type of surgery you’ve had. Cosmetic surgeries vary in the level of severity and the extent of damage to the skin. They range from mild to profoundly invasive surgical processes that are likely to leave scars on your skin. They include dermal fillers, face-lifts, liposuction, breast augmentation, tummy tuck, butt implants, etc. It is very easy to revert to your regular skin care practices after a mild, noninvasive procedure, but an invasive surgical procedure that causes serious damage to the skin requires special care.

So, the main difference between mild and severe cosmetic procedures is the fact that one opens up the skin while the other one leaves the skin intact. Nevertheless, there are several cardinal rules you have to follow when taking care of your skin after cosmetic surgery whether the procedure was severe or mild.

Pampering Your Skin

For you to get optimal results from the cosmetic surgery, you have to ensure that your skin heals completely and without discoloration. This means that you have to pamper the skin, especially if it turns red after the surgery, to avoid pigmentation. Also, ensure that you use mild, hypoallergenic skin products, such as non-soap disinfectants and fragrance-free lotions. This helps to prevent allergic reactions that can further damage your skin.

Use Sun Protection

After surgery, your skin is frail and susceptible to sunburn, and other damages caused by the harmful rays of the sun. Therefore, you should wear the right sunscreen that stops alpha and beta rays of the sun from getting into your skin. The best sunscreen at this point should have SPF 40 or less. Higher SPF sunscreens tend to clog skin pores, which may lead to serious skin complications.

Heal Your Wounds

Depending on the extent of the surgery, your wounds need adequate time to heal. So, don’t rush to open the bandages or go back to your normal routine before you are completely healed. Also, do not attempt to do anything that will affect the wounds in an attempt to speed up the recovery.

In summary, follow your doctor’s advice on how to take care of your skin after cosmetic surgery and go for regular checkups just to be sure that everything is okay.

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