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Internal and External Factors for Healthy Skin

Internal and External Factors for Healthy Skin  Charlotte

Our skin is the largest organ of our body. It is our gatekeeper and protector. And while it may seem romantic to think about having a rugged, weathered look when you’re 25 but time passes, and it loses a bit of its sheen. We spend countless time and money on creams and even treatments and surgery. But let’s face it. An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure when it comes to preserving our skin. Here are some factors and tips to think about when trying to keep your skin beautiful.

Diet for Healthy Skin

Plant-based diets have come in vogue in recent years, and our skin thanks us for it. Antiquated ideas of nutrition didn’t help very much, but these new ways of thinking are a good starting point. Lists by experts rarely include anything outside of a plant-based model besides fatty fish like salmon. Many nuts and vegetables contain oils, vitamin E and A as well as beneficial minerals like zinc. Even if you don’t go all-out, reducing the number of heavy meats and sugar can help immeasurably in giving your skin the help it needs and giving your digestive system a break.

Exercise Suggestions for Better Skin

Exercise per se might not directly affect your skin, but the benefits for your overall health are indisputable. Regular exercise makes your entire physical system run better, aids in digesting the nutrients we need and improves circulation, which gets those nutrients where they need to be. If you love exercising outdoors, then make sure you…

Avoid Excessive Exposure to Sun

Prolonged exposure to the sun wears your skin out and increases your risk of skin cancer. You need to use at least SPF 30 sunscreen for the best results. Higher ratings may block more of the sun’s rays, but remember that SPF 30 blocks 97%, so that’s probably a good baseline. Since no sunblock screens 100% of the sun’s harmful rays, you must watch the amount of time you are exposed. Hats and long-sleeve shirts are a big help as well. One part of the body people overlook is their arms or exposed legs while driving long distances. Numerous studies show that most people have received significant skin damage from overexposure to the sun before age 16. The sun’s effects are cumulative, so make sure you keep something between you and the sun as much as possible.

Chemical Exposure

Think about this:

  • Been to the pool recently? Chlorine is tough on your skin, so try and shower it off as soon as it is convenient.
  • Do you work in the garage? A lot of yard work tasks expose you to caustic chemicals. Wear gloves when you need to.
  • Do you use perfumy detergents to wash your clothes? Consider milder alternatives. Your clothes maintain contact with a large percentage of your body most of the day. Anything you can do to reduce bringing irritating chemicals in contact with the surface of your skin is a great idea.

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