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Inspiration from Body Types in Other Countries

Inspiration from Body Types in Other Countries  Charlotte

Among the most frustrating battles that women have to face every day is their body types. This battle stems from the fact that men have different tastes when it comes to a woman’s shape and overall beauty. Some like plus-size, while others prefer petite body types. When taken to the extreme, women end up pursuing some unattainable female physique. Ironically, the kind of body that women in some countries are working so hard to avoid is the gold standard of perfection and beauty in other countries.

Let’s take a look at the various body types that are considered perfect female physiques in different countries. What body types are considered beautiful in different cultures is an eye-opener as far as feminine beauty is concerned. Of course, the diversity of opinion shows women the world over are attractive in every form and size. They also prove the fact that there is no such thing as a universally perfect woman.

Barbie-like Physique

This body type is common in Argentina, where (incidentally) plastic surgery has been on a steady rise. It is common for women in Argentina to undergo more than one plastic surgery in search of this body type. It includes a well-defined bust, slim waistline, and long-defined legs.


This body type is typical in many African countries. There, this body type carries implications of good health, strength, and better fertility. It includes a well-defined feminine body with a slim waist, thick thighs, big hips, and well-endowed bust.

Full Figured

In Spain, a full-figured body rules the day where culturally, food-centered tasks are fundamental in representing love. An ideal Spanish female physique, it represents a tradition of non-restrictive eating combined with a positive and healthy attitude toward self-image and a pervasive fascination with stunning, womanly curves.

Tall, Curvy Blonde

Most American men, especially in the Southeast part of the United States, are said to prefer women who are tall, curvy, blonde and have blue eyes. This attitude is almost surely an extension of the United States’ one-upmanship in everything in daily life. America is obsessed with calorie control, eight-minute abs, as well as a gap between the thighs. Not surprisingly, this body type can be quite hard to attain. And not just because of heredity. Consider the abundance of fast foods and endless passive recreation in America.

Not so tall

In the UK, feminine beauty means shapely curves and ample (but not too large) breasts. She also has to be at least 5.7ft tall and long hair. Interestingly, the influx of Indian culture has modified this somewhat.

So, lots of inspiration from all over the globe. But please, keep your goals realistic. After all, there’s a lot of beauty just as you are.

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