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Are There Age Limitations with Plastic Surgery?

Are There Age Limitations with Plastic Surgery?  Charlotte

While we all look forward to aging gracefully, sometimes the signs of aging can be too conspicuous that they make you feel abnormal and ugly. They can also start to show too early, making you look older than your actual age. That’s why many people have turned to plastic surgery in an attempt to decelerate the hands of time. This cosmetic procedure has enabled both young and old people to restore their youthful appearance by getting rid of the signs of aging from their faces and skin in general.

Nevertheless, there have been concerns about the safety and suitability of plastic surgery. Some people argue that the surgery is only effective if it is done before the patient reaches a certain age. This argument has prompted numerous scientific studies in an attempt to establish whether older patients tend to suffer from postoperative complications more than the younger patients. In their findings, most researchers report that the overall rate of postoperative complications is not considerably different between the two categories of patients. In fact, studies have revealed that the rate of developing complications for patients who are above the age of 80 is not meaningfully different from younger patients.

Therefore, a patient shouldn’t be disqualified from getting a facelift or any other plastic surgery because of their age. However, it is important to note that age increases a person’s risk of developing many health problems. For instance, older people are more susceptible to chronic ailments such as diabetes, arthritis, hypertension, etc. Unfortunately, most of these health issues can curtail your chances of undergoing plastic surgery. In fact, every plastic surgeon is required by law to check every patient’s overall health before they sign them up for any procedure. Patients are also required to disclose their full medical history before they undergo any plastic procedure. This helps the doctor in determining whether a patient is fit for the surgery or not.

Therefore, it is not a surprise to find a 30-year-old patient being denied access to a cosmetic procedure while an 80-year-old patient qualifies for the same procedure. In addition to having good health, a good candidate for plastic surgery should have supple skin that bounces back when stretched out. The elasticity is aided by a protein referred to as collagen. This protein is produced by the body to fill the skeletal framework. In short, collagen gives you a full, steady and attractive skin.

In summary, anyone can safely undergo plastic surgery regardless of their age. However, they have to be in good overall health and their skin should have the necessary elasticity for a successful procedure.

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