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Give Yourself Another Shot At Weight Loss With The All New Semaglutide Injections At ASC. Experience A Weight Loss Program That Can Cut Your Appetite And Reduce Stubborn Weight In Just A Few Weeks.


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Semaglutide, is one of the newest injectable weight loss medications that is increasing in popularity & helps treat issues with excessive fat. It works by encouraging the pancreas to release more insulin when your blood sugars are high and helps move this sugar into your tissue and organs for energy. By using sugars more effectively in your body, you can lose the excess weight that you've been dreaming of losing and lower your risk factors for many health issues.

Benefits Of Semaglutide

Semaglutide weight loss treatment can have a significant impact on a person’s quality of life by improving overall health, appearance, and well-being. As a non-surgical treatment, it offers a more convenient and less invasive option compared to surgical weight loss procedures. By achieving weight loss goals through this injectable medication, individuals can experience numerous benefits, including:

  • Reduction in body weight, BMI, and body fat percentage, improved mobility and decreased joint pain, reduced risk of obesity-related diseases such as diabetes, heart disease, and certain types of cancer.
  • Increased self-esteem and confidence, reduced anxiety and depression symptoms, better sleep quality and improved energy levels, as well as improved cognitive function.
  • Improved diet and exercise habits, reduced dependence on medication, more active and fulfilling social life, and increased work productivity.
  • Assisting with weight loss prior to planning an aesthetic surgery procedure, or helping to maintain a healthy weight after your procedure.
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Call us today at (704) 837-1150 with any questions relating to Semaglutide, if you’re a good candidate, or to schedule a consultation where we can talk in depth about your questions with our professionals.

For eligibility into weight loss treatment with semaglutide, Charlotte patients must meet certain criteria requirements and other considerations. It is also important that candidates have tried other weight loss methods, such as diet and exercise, without success. It may not be appropriate for individuals with severe gastrointestinal disorders, liver or kidney disease, and certain other illnesses. Overall, weight loss treatment with semaglutide can help individuals lose weight and enjoy a healthier life.

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At Aesthetic Surgery Of Charlotte we prioritize patients above anything. As part of your initial consultation we take the time and conduct a thorough evaluation of your overall health and medical history. We will examine your current weight and will also discuss your weight loss goals. This will help our weight loss professionals in understanding your desired outcome and help plan a customized approach for your Semaglutide program. During this time you will be able to get answers to any questions you may have. Give us a visit and experience the care and comfort that has made us the premiere weight loss destination in Charlotte.

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