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Why We Show Before and After Photos on Our Site

When it comes to plastic surgery, we understand that your decision to enhance your appearance is not something you take lightly. When it comes to making those decisions, visual proof is worth a thousand words. That’s why we show before and after photos on our site – to give you a clear understanding of what

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Inspiration from Body Types in Other Countries

Among the most frustrating battles that women have to face every day is their body types. This battle stems from the fact that men have different tastes when it comes to a woman’s shape and overall beauty. Some like plus-size, while others prefer petite body types. When taken to the extreme, women end up pursuing

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Internal and External Factors for Healthy Skin

Our skin is the largest organ of our body. It is our gatekeeper and protector. And while it may seem romantic to think about having a rugged, weathered look when you’re 25 but time passes, and it loses a bit of its sheen. We spend countless time and money on creams and even treatments and

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Breast Implants: How Much Research Should You Do?

With almost limitless information available online about breast augmentation in Charlotte, NC, many of my patients come to me feeling overwhelmed. They’ve spent countless hours researching the exact size, shape, texture, and type of breast implant they want. They know every surgical technique and have pre-planned their incision locations. They even understand the pros and cons of

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